Shakur's Artistry © - Art for Every Occasion

Above:'Going to Hollywood', 5 Layers of wood. (SOLD). Below: 'The Eating Salon' (SOLD)Perm collection ASU. 7layers. My wood pieces are ALL hand cut (on a saw), designed, sanded, assembled and painted by Me! Original works! Hope you enjoy!

Top:"Ne Ne Rose' (SOLD No.6 of Rose Family series...(some missing cousins around...)Wood and glass beads individually set by hand!Bottom of page: My first live show in Georgia...sketch is charcoal and pastel...I have lots of upcoming artwork which will be presented as a body of work. Bare with me, I'm just getting my creative self back!!! Thank you for your Love and Support! Sincerely Rhonda Shakur. Many Blessings

Top:'Angel's Watch', 5'x5' 2 layers of wood. Donated to Hairston Crossing Library, along with a 2nd piece ' Secret Garden w Erikabashell' at Stonecrest Library, both in the state of Georgia . Next:'The Girls',wood constructBelow 1: 'Cousins', wood construct, 7 layers, plexi-glass window. Bottom:'Mo Mo's Moon'(SOLD) to Intell Corp in Chandler, AZ

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